Sprout Home Q&A Of The Week: Plant Care Timing


Q: I know my plants need water, but how do I know how much they need?

A: Each plant has different needs but, most importantly everything wants to have moist roots when all is said and done in order to really take a drink. For larger trees, that might mean root feeding. For balcony planters, soaking the entire container thoroughly until it drains out the bottom is needed. Knowing what plants you have is the first step to know how they grow. Find out what type of plant you have, research on whether they like to be kept evenly moist or if they like to have a break in between watering and let their soil go ‘dry to the touch’ — or further. Once you have a watering relationship with your plant, stick to a schedule so that you do not stress your plant out. Also pay attention to seasonal watering needs. You will find that your plants will require more frequent watering with the warmer weather.

Source: The Huffington Post

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