Beginner’s Guide To Gardening: Creating Ambiance

Strolling down a row of squash, you notice a bright red ladybug busily traveling the expanse of the broad green leaves. Bending near to watch her work, you get that tingly thrill of discovery. Sure in the grand scheme of things, it’s a common bug doing a common job, but to you she’s incredible – beautiful – and you revel in the miracle of nature. Now if only there was a bench nearby. You glance from one end of your garden to the other. That sure would be handy right about now. You could sit, relax and enjoy the wonders unfolding before you. A pretty bench, one with an intricately carved iron frame supporting slatted teak strips. Better yet, one that rocks to and fro, gently keeping pace with the breeze.

Source: Earth Eats

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