Better Homes & Gardens Guide to Bulbs



Our guide to bulbs takes you from spring through fall and winter and back again for year after year filled with the color, beauty, and variety of these essential garden plants. Unlike many other garden flowers, spring bulbs get their start in autumn when they are planted. Our simple tips to follow in fall will have beautiful results in spring. With hundreds of kinds of bulbs to plant, we’ve made the guesswork simple with the favorite spring-blooming beauties of the garden editors at Better Homes and Gardens. Naturalizing bulbs in the lawn is a newfound way to integrate bulbs into the landscape; we have the best bulbs to achieve this surprising dash of spring color. If the wide assortment of bulbs leaves you stymied as to planting timetables, put your worries aside with a helpful chart that lets you know what to plant when. As with perennials and annuals, different types of bulbs need different care; we’ve gathered all those care tips in one guide, as well as planting tips for bulbs in every season. Containers are a good way to spotlight the beauty of bulbs; use these ideas for outdoor pots of your favorite spring bulbs or indoor pots in winter when you force early blooms.

Source: Better Homes & Gardens


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