Tomato Uses and Recipes



Tomatoes are very easy to store for usage up to a year later. As with any food product, safety and sanitation are very important and nearly every University has an Extension Agency that addresses proper techniques for drying, freezing and canning of tomatoes. When tomatoes are canned (Ball Jars) or dried, they will keep for a year or more. Frozen tomatoes will maintain their taste and quality for 7-8 months. Most gardeners actually make their various sauces including Marinara, Chili and soups and can or freeze the sauce for later usage. Some gardeners will freeze or can whole tomatoes, and use the whole tomatoes when needed for recipes. From the garden, homemade salsa can be made with additions of peaches or other fruits and frozen very nicely in plastic containers. Nothing is better than having fresh garden salsa in January.

Source: The Cook’s Garden 

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