From start to seedling: Propagating an Asparagus Fern



Commonly referred to as the Asparagus Fern or Foxtail Fern, asparagus atheopicus has been regarded as many things since its discovery. Some call it a majestic ornamental plant, while others simply call it a nuisance. For example, most people take interest in the long conical stems that unfold from the center of the plant. Each one of these branches is covered in tiny little leaves called “cladodes”. Another neat feature of this plant is the flowers and subsequent berries that it produces. During the winter months, the asparagus fern will start to form white or pink flowers on the stems of the plant. Once germinated, the flowers will then start to grow small green berries that eventually turn a bright red color. Aesthetically, this plant really sets apart your garden by creating an exotic contrast with your other specimens.

Source: Upon Further Inspection

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