Growing Squash

Squash plant DSC01922.JPG

Start with assorted varieties and you can fearlessly grow many, many squash in a surprisingly small space as they have a reputation for burying gardeners with their prolific output. By planting a buttery Yellow Crookneck, a prolific Yellow Straightneck, and a Black Beauty zucchini in peak season in the same 6-foot-wide bed, you could be picking a manageable 3 to 4 squash a day in peak season. There is no hurry to harvest nutrient-rich winter squash like Acorn, Buttercup, and Butternut, which ripen to full maturity before they are picked. Butternut is a vining plant that needs space to run, but because it is resistant to squash vine borers (an all-too-common pest) and because it stores at normal room temperatures for months, many gardeners find ways to make room for Butternut.

Source: Bonnie Plants

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