Living Wall Ideas: Tips And Plants To Make A Living Wall


Throughout history people have grown living walls. While they’re normally seen outdoors, these unique garden designs can also be grown in the home. In addition to its pleasing aesthetic appearance indoors, a living wall garden can help purify the air and boost humidity levels. This type of vertical garden is also an ideal solution for covering a bare wall or making the most of limited indoor space.

So exactly what is a living wall? While a living wall can be as simple as growing vines over an outdoor patio wall, the term also refers to a special kind of indoor gardening. Living walls are basically walls made up entirely of plants or an existing wall that is covered with them. All living walls require some type of support structure, a physical barrier to protect the wall, a way to deliver water, and a growing medium for the plants. Depending on the plants and overall design, they may require some maintenance, such as pruning. Otherwise, a living wall garden is normally pretty easy to care for once established.

Source: Gardening Know How

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